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Middlesex University Students Tai Chi Chuan Association (now YMAA) Internal power and conditioning demo


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All available pictures of this event are viewable in the Gallery.
In March 1994 at the Chinese Internal Arts Competition, held in Newcastle UK by Sifu Yeung Loon Fong (Peter Young), We were invited to demonstrate at the Chinese Internal Arts Masters Demonstration (also held in Newcastle UK in October).

Sifu Rand felt that it was an Honour to be asked and accepted on behalf of himself and his three senior students. A meeting was held to discuss the form the demonstration would take and it was decided to demonstrate what had been accomplished with the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and Nei Kung, in the way of internal conditioning of the body (sometimes known as Iron shirt) and in the ability to use internal power for striking.

Seven months were available to practice for the event and Sifu Rand gave each senior two things to practice, one which they could already do and one which would stretch their abilities further. Having to perform in public is a wonderful spur to learn something new. A lot of hard work and effort went in to preparing for the event, mostly with the internal practice of Zhan Zhong (pronounced Jam Jong - to stand like a tree) Nei Kung but also in the practice of the demo's themselves.

First on was Mr Jonathan Newman, who lay with his feet on one chair and his head and shoulders on another and then had three paving slabs piled up on his stomach, which were broken with a sledge hammer to demonstrate the ability to resist percussive force internally. Unfortunately the only suitable still picture of this part of the demo is one showing the placing of the slabs on Jonathan's body. The only full record is on the official video of the event available from Sifu Peter Young.

Next up was Mr Douglas Robertson who demonstrated the Tai Chi movement Press (Chi), on a line of 5 students, kindly lent by Sifu Young. The overall weight of the line was somewhere in excess of 60 stones. With a small movement the whole line was propelled back more than 10 feet and the first two students were knocked to the ground.

Mr Donald Kerr demonstrated the ability to withstand penetrating force by laying down in front of a set of step ladders which Jonathan climbed and then jumped from to land on Donald's abdomen from a height of just over 5 feet.

Next Jonathan demonstrated the ability to strike with percussive force by knocking the bottom out of an ordinary beer bottle, which had been filled with water and then had it's cap replaced, by hitting it on the top with the palm of his hand.

Douglas then demonstrated Iron Arm Kung by placing his arm on some bricks and then having two more bricks placed on top of his arm, while he held them in place Donald smashed them with a sledge hammer.

Donald demonstrated the short range penetrating force generated by internal training. Breaking a slab of concrete by placing his fingers against it then striking down with the same hand's palm generating power from about 4 inches.

The finale was by Sifu Rand who first broke a piece of granite approximately 6 inches long by 2 inches wide by 1&1/2 inches thick. One end of the pebble was held by his left hand against the top of an up-ended curb stone leaving about 3 inches extending over the edge, the pebble was then broken by the application of Iron Palm with the right hand striking the overhanging end of the pebble.

Next Sifu Rand demonstrated Iron Head Kung. The aforementioned curb stone (a compressed granite block weighing some 180 pounds) was placed on his head, with some towels draped around because of the sharp edges when the block is broken, and the block was then smashed with a sledge hammer. It took 2 blows with the hammer to break the curb stone.

The official video of the event, entitled A Grand View of Nei Kung, may still be available from Sifu Peter Young (Newcastle UK) and also contains demonstrations by Gary Wragg, Ronnie Robinson, Gordon Faulkner, Daniel & Ann Marshall-Searson and, topping the bill, Grand Master Wai-Lun Choi. Contact PO BOX 1XE, Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 1XE, England for information.

Internal Power & Conditioning Demo from the 1994 Masters Demonstrations held in Newcastle
This clip is of Sifu Rand leading Sifu Robertson, Sifu Kerr & Sifu Newman in a breaking & Iron Shirt demo. The clip was digitised from the original VHS video & the quality was not great to begin with, particularly the sound. It is, however, historic archive footage.

Sifu Rand would like to thank all those who took part in the event and Sifu Young for inviting us. He would also like to thank his teacher, Master Lam Kam Chuen, for teaching him.

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