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You may use this form to send us news, articles or links, ask for information or contact an instructor. You need not supply your email address but remember; if your message requires a response you won't get one unless you include your email address! To remind you to enter your email address the form checks the email field to see if there's a valid email address, it also checks to make sure you've remembered to include your message.

If you don't want to supply your email address type no@e.mail in the email field before submitting the form.

We will not contact you, based on an email address used in this form, other than to respond to your email as may be appropriate. We will not pass on your email address to any other person without your express permisson.

We will publish anonymous articles, provided they are not libelous or slanderous, and news, provided we can verify its authenticity (if relevant), but we would rather have some idea of who sent the information, if you check the box we won't publish your details. For this reason no part of this form is mandatory you can use it simply by typing what you want to say in the comments box, or copying and pasting from your word processor if you prefer.

Finally, before contacting us with a request or question please check out our [F A Q] page to see if the information you want is already on this site or can be found on one of our linked sites - thanks for your co-operation.

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