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Welcome to the video gallery. This page contains links to various video clips which have been saved over time from YMAA events and activities. The quality of the video images may vary, as some were taken under poor lighting conditions or with minimal equipment, but the content should be interesting.

Video clips may be in various formats including Quicktime movies, MPEG and AVI.

Trailer of the 2003 Yongquan Association Demo, held in Highgate London before a capacity crowd (click here for the write-up).

The full event is now available on YouTube: click here to watch it on-line

Other video clips

Internal Power & Conditioning Demo at the 1994 Masters Demonstrations held in Newcastle
This clip is of Sifu Rand leading Sifu Robertson, Sifu Kerr & Sifu Newman in a breaking & Iron Shirt demo. The clip was digitised from the original VHS video & the quality was not great to begin with, particularly the sound. It is, however, historic archive footage.

Bath Group 2006 Demo:
A compilation clip of Forms and Techniques demonstrated by the Bath section of the YMAA, including Tai Chi Chuan, Choy Lee Fut, Northern Straight Sword, Southern Broadsword and breaking.

Grasp Birds Tail:
a demonstration of one application of the technique Grasp Birds Tail from the Yang Form. (the video quality of this clip is very poor but somewhat atmospheric)





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