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The YMAA is a non-profit making, non-political, Martial Arts Association. Set up to further the arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Hisng-I Chuan and Bak Sing Choy Lee Fut in particular and Chinese Martial Arts in general. If you would like to receive occasional mailings about club activities, events and items of interest, click here.

Statement of Purpose

Public Areas Members Only Areas
YMAA Constitution Member's area
Code of Ethics and Behaviour
Training Levels Instructor's area
YMAA Instructor Badges  
Member's lost password Form (To receive a new random password by return e-mail, members only)
Membership application form - A PDF file which can be printed out, filled in and presented to your instructor to apply for membership of the YMAA (YMAA students only)
Membership is currently £20 per year, first year £10.

(Select an instructor from the list for on-screen verification of certification level and insurance coverage.)





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