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Why we chose this Hexagram for the association livery. - The hexagram Ting -  click for an article about why we chose Ting as our emblem.

Technique in Tai Chi Chuan - Classical verses Variation. By Sifu R Rand - posted 23/08/2018

What is a martial art. By Sifu R Rand - posted 01/03/2018

Big Circles, Small Circles. By Sifu R Rand - posted 14/02/2018

A memorial to the late Professor Yu Yong Nian. By his student Sifu Donald Kerr - posted 11/10/2013

AGM and training event November 2013.

Bak Hsing Choy Lee Fut: a Visit to Wan Kei Ho International Martial Arts Association, Hong Kong. By Paul Bowman - posted 02/07/2010

Yongquan AGM and first Yongquan Cup September 2007.

A review of the 2003 Yongquan martial arts demo. Written by Marnix Wells - posted 09/12/2007

The Chinese Art of Tai Chi Chuan And Its Effects on Health: a literature review. By Sifu D Kerr - posted 02/08/2006

Disappearing Weapons in modern China. By Sifu Damon Smith - posted 26/10/2003

Quigong (Chi Kung) as a therapy. By Sifu D Kerr - posted 23/06/2002

How can we recognise Tai Chi Chuan? By Sifu J Newman - posted 10/02/2002

A Fellowship of Tai Chi Chuan. By Sifu D Kerr - posted 03/02/2002

Etiquette in the Chinese martial arts. By Sifu R Rand - posted 01/12/2001

Finding your own way. By Graham Barlow - posted 25/10/2001

The Nei Kung, an overview and explanation for the Internal stylist. By Sifu D Kerr - posted 03/03/2001

Beginnings, my journey into the martial arts. By Sifu R Rand - posted 03/03/2001

Tai Chi Chuan as a Martial Art. By Sifu D Robertson - posted 22/02/2001

Obligation: Students responsibilites to their teacher and a teachers responsibility to the student. By Sifu D Kerr - posted 17/9/2000

Sayings - a collection of one liners contributed. By Toni Rusli - posted 26/03/2000

Physiolgy - our common bond. A look at factors common to all Martial Arts. By Donald Kerr - posted 19/04/1999

Observations on the application of Tai Chi theory to the practice of Push Hands and combat. By Sifu R Rand - posted 29/03/1999

Tai Chi Chuan, a look at the origins. By Donald Kerr - posted 01/11/1998

The YMAA (Formerly MUSTCCA) Chi Kung demo at the 1994 Chinese Internal Art Festival. - Posted 01/10/1998

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